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Pool Requirements After It’s Been Constructed

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Having a swimming pool in your backyard allows you and your family to relax by enjoying a cold swim on a hot Phoenix day. The construction of a pool is not as easy as it’s presumed to be. This is because it involves a lot of work including hiring the best contractors. From approvals and permits, excavation, shoring bracing walls, pouring concrete, shoring up electrical and plumbing, pouring concrete decking to finishing landscape.


The best thing about hiring professional pool builders is that these builders offer flexible services especially as far as constructing customized pools. With these contractors, you can have a pool that comes in the shape and size you prefer. In-ground pools come in four types: fiberglass, concrete, aluminum and vinyl-liner pools. Concrete pools require more maintenance than other types of pools. This is because these pools, especially those reinforced with tiles, are very prone to damage from long sun exposure, poor maintenance, and wear & tear due to continuous use. It’s important to understand that having your pool installed is a great feat, but it’s critical to maintain your pool investment. of Arizona shares their insights about the importance of maintaining your pool.

Why do swimming pools need resurfacing?

Pool resurfacing Phoenix AZ suggests a scheduled maintenance plan. Like everything else, the interior surfaces of pools are prone to wears and tears over time. When these wears occur, they need to be repaired as soon as possible as they not only interfere with the appearance of the pool but can also affect the pool’s functionality. There are several factors that cause damage to pool surfaces. However, the most predominant factor is the improper chemical balance of pool water.

Pool water with a high concentration of pool chemicals can cause the peeling off of the plaster in swimming pools. Other factors that can necessitate the need for using a service like Pool Resurfacing Phoenix company includes poor pool maintenance and accumulation of dirt and debris in the pool during winter when the pool is not in use. The reasons for resurfacing a pool include:

1. Dingy appearance– A dirty looking pool has a dingy appearance and looks old and hideous.

2. Uncomfortable– Essentially, a swimming pool is a luxury addition to any home. However, if the pool becomes uncomfortable due to rough surfaces, it ceases to be a luxury and becomes a liability. At such a time, it is important to consider Pool Resurfacing Phoenix to restore your pool’s luxurious conditions.

3. Avoid damage– Worn out pools are very prone to damages especially because they are hard to clean and as such, the rate of wear and tear of the pool is increased greatly.

Resurfacing costs

There is no standard cost at Pool Resurfacing Phoenix. This is because the cost is dependent on the extent of repairs that need to be done, the type of surfacing material used in the pool and the surface area of the pool. For a pool with a surface area of a thousand feet, the cost can be around $4000-$5000.

Resurfacing options

There are several options available that Pool Resurfacing Phoenix can advise. The easiest and cheapest is painting. Though not a long lasting solution, painting is an affordable option especially if you are planning for a major renovation of the pool shortly. Plaster is yet another option and just like painting, it is relatively affordable but equally not long lasting. Another ideal option is tiling. Covering your pool’s interior surfaces with tiles is an expensive project especially considering the labor and materials that will be spent on the project. However, unlike the other two options, tiling is very durable.